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Acogedor 10.3-inch E INK Monitor

Acogedor 10.3-inch E INK Monitor

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Ultra Wide Viewing Angle

Almost 180-degree viewing angle, so that the wonderful and clear picture is sent to all angles.

Anti-glare Tempered Glass

Can reduce the interference of ambient light, reduce the fingerprint residue of the screen reflection, so that the image is clearer, the display effect is more eye protection.

With Protective Case

3 adjustable angle

Support VESA Mount

Support 50mm standard caliber VESA interface, can be placed horizontally or vertically.


  • 3 Modes Available


With the multi-function buttons, users can freely switch between GC16, A2, A2+ modes.

GC16 mode: 16 grayscale, clear image display, slow refresh rate

A2 mode: Pure black and white, clear text display, fast refresh speed

A2+ mode: Black back dithering algorithm, can simulate grayscale, fast refresh rate

  • Speed Adjustment


For a better experience, 5 speeds are recommended for watching videos and 3 speeds for reading documents.


Support a variety of devices or systems with the use of Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android, system, support for the use of the main screen or secondary screen


  1. for iMac, for MacBook, for iPad, for iPhone and other iOS devices need to buy a special amount of lightning to HDMI adapter to use.
  2. Most Windows and Linux computers support HDMI output and can be connected with HDMI to MINI-HDMI cables.
  3. Support for Huawei cell phone Hongmeng system, for EMUI system, for Samsung cell phone or other Android cell phone.


Package List: 1 x Ink Display; 2 x Screw; 1 x HDMI Cable; 1 x Power Cord; 1 x Adapter; 1 x Protective Case

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