All-new Kindle (2022 release) – The lightest and most compact Kindle
All-new Kindle (2022 release) – The lightest and most compact Kindle
All-new Kindle (2022 release) – The lightest and most compact Kindle

All-new Kindle (2022 release) – The lightest and most compact Kindle

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  • The lightest and most compact Kindle, now with a 300 ppi high-resolution display for sharp text and images.
  • Read comfortably with a glare-free, paper-like display. The adjustable front light and dark mode make reading effortless, day and night.
  • Get lost in your story. Tune out messages, emails, and social media with a distraction-free device specifically made for reading.
  • Now with extended battery life – A single charge via USB-C lasts up to 6 weeks.
  • Now with 16 GB to store thousands of books – Double the storage capacity of the previous generation.
  • Find new stories – With Kindle Unlimited, get unlimited access to over 2 million titles and more.
  • Designed with sustainability in mind. This Kindle uses 30-75% recycled plastics and 90% recycled magnesium.


This is the first time there is a new Kindle since the previous generation came out in 2019. The big selling points are the 300 PPI display, which the previous generation only had 127 PPI, so this is a huge jump in pixel density. It has 2x the storage, with 16GB, which is useful for buying and listening to to Audible audiobooks. The Kindle finally has USB-C charging, and longer battery life. The built-in adjustable front light, and the newly added dark mode feature, lets you read comfortably indoors and outdoors any time of the day. This Kindle uses 30-75% recycled plastics and 90% recycled magnesium and has 100% recyclable device packaging. The base model Kindle has a six inch capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 1448X1072 with 300 PPI. . It has a sunken screen and bezel design, so fonts will look razer sharp. When reading outdoors, the screen will not have any glare from the sun. It is packing in four white LED lights to power the front-lit display, which will allow you to read in the dark. The all-new Kindle was designed with sustainability in mind and carry the Climate Pledge Friendly badge, acknowledging further reduction in carbon emissions from previous product generations. It is thoughtfully sourced and built with 90% recycled magnesium. Plus, following our goal to make Amazon device packaging 100% recyclable by 2023, for the first time ever, Kindle device packaging is 100% recyclable in the U.S. and is also made of 100% wood fiber-based materials from responsibly managed forests or recycled sources. In addition, Kindle accessory covers follow suit with packaging made from 99% wood fiber-based materials. Underneath the hood is a 1 GHZ single core processor, 512GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. It finally has a USB-C cable, so this will be used for charging the battery via wall outlet or your computer. Users will also be able to sideload in their own digital books with Windows Explorer or with a 3rd party program such as Calibre. When it comes to battery life, a single charge lasts up to six weeks, based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at 13. Battery life may vary depending on use. Audible audiobook streaming over Bluetooth will reduce battery life. Users will be able to browse the internet with the Kindle Experimental Browser or buy ebooks from the Amazon bookstore and Audible audiobook store. The dimensions are 6.2” x 4.3” x 0.32” (157.8 x 108.6 x 8.0 mm). and and weighs 5.56 oz (158 g).

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