Boyue Meebook P78 Pro - Device Only

Boyue Meebook P78 Pro - Device Only

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The Meebook P78 Pro features a 7 inch E INK Carta HD display with a resolution of 1872×1404 with 300 PPI. It does not have a WACOM screen, but does have a note taking app that is fully compatible with a capacitive stylus, which you get for free. There is a front-lit display and color temperature system, you can control the luminosity via slider bars in the setting menu, but also touchscreen interactions, simply scroll your finder on the side of the screen up or down and it will adjust the brightness.

Underneath the hood is a Cortex 1.8GHZ quad core processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. There is an SD card on this device, which is capable of an additional 128GB of storage. It has Bluetooth 5.1, WIFI 2.4/5G, and has a USB-C port for transferring data and charging. It is powered by a 3200 mAH battery, which should provide a few weeks of usage.

The Meebook is running Google Android 11, which is very current. Only a few Onyx Boox e-notes are running the latest OS. Meebook has Google Play installed right out of the gates, so you can easily download all of your favorite apps and also keep them updated. If you speak English, you are in luck, this supports it, in addition to 30 other languages, so many people will find value.

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