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Dasung Paperlike U 25-inch Curved E INK Monitor

Dasung Paperlike U 25-inch Curved E INK Monitor

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Dasung has just announced a curved 25.3-inch Monitor with an E Ink display. The company stated the display comes with 4000R curvature and has 3K 3200 x 1800 ultra-high-definition resolution, and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The monitor can be used in landscape or portrait mode with the swivel stand.

Dasung further stated the Paperlike U features the company’s Turbo Ink screen high-brush technology which it said makes the display have similar attributes as that of an LCD display. That includes reading, editing documents, browsing the web, and such. Programmers can also use the monitor to write codes for long hours without harming their eyes. Dasung said the display refresh rate is also optimized to allow for smooth video playback as well.

Apart from these, the Paperlike U offers independent controls for adjusting color temperature and brightness. Plus, the monitor features three front light modes which include warm light, cold light, and mixed light. Another unique feature of the monitor is its support for ultra-low latency wireless display, something that Dasung claims is the only wireless display to be so equipped. The monitor also boasts an all-aluminum alloy construction that makes it light yet sturdy, tipping the scales at just 3.3 kilos.

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