Hanvon N10 Mini
Hanvon N10 Mini
Hanvon N10 Mini
Hanvon N10 Mini

Hanvon N10 Mini

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Hanvon has launched the new N10 Mini e-paper book that comes with a 7.8-inch 300 DPI E Ink display. It supports 16-levels of grayscale which can simulate 256-levels of grayscale effect thanks to the smart algorithms it features. It comes bundled with a stylus which again supports 4096 levels of touch sensitivity. The display can be split into two with each side functioning independently of the other.

Under the hood, the N10 Mini handwritten e-paper device features an RK3566 processor that is coupled to either 2 GB or 4 GB of memory along with 32 GB and 64 GB of storage respectively. The device runs Android of an unspecified version. The device weighs just 240 grams and measures 5.3 mm in thickness. Power comes from a 3500 mAh battery which Hanvon said allows for 60-day standby time. On the right edge lies a series of physical buttons for page tuning, returning to Home, and such. The buttons are customizable too as per user preference.

Hanvon further added the device has been optimized to serve as a note-taking device, for which the display is shown in white which mimics a white sheet of paper. The company said that the e-note device does away with the capacitive screen and the light guide plate, which has resulted in light transmittance being 156 percent of conventional touchscreen devices. The screen layer above the e-ink screen is also thinner by 55 percent. All of this leads to text to seem like floating on the display surface.

A nice feature of the N10 mini handwritten electronic paper device is that it supports OCR tech developed in-house by Hanvon. This enables the device to accurately recognize handwritten notes, PDFs, and images. The device can convert the notes into editable texts and allows for sharing the same as well easily. The OCT tech comes free, and users have the liberty to convert as many documents as they want to.

The integrated listening module that the device features which includes a dual mic system supports Mandarin, Cantonese, and English languages. Plus, there is support for external playback, and offers the option to choose between male and female voices. Users will also be able to select speech rate, timing, and volume as per their preferences, all of which can be great for listening to audiobooks.

Otherwise, e-book formats the device supports include txt, PDF, HTML, ePUB, MOBI, CHM, FB2, doc, ppt, xls, JPG, PNG, etc. This makes the new N10 Mini a very capable e-book reader device as well. Hanvon said the device comes with the latest generation analysis core which optimizes the reading experience.

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