Lenovo Yoga Book C930 - Good e-Reader Store
Lenovo Yoga Book C930 - Good e-Reader Store
Lenovo Yoga Book C930 - Good e-Reader Store
Lenovo Yoga Book C930 - Good e-Reader Store
Lenovo Yoga Book C930 - Good e-Reader Store
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Lenovo Yoga Book C930

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  • Powerful 7th Generation Intel Core i5-7Y54 (1.20GHz, up to 3.20GHz with Turbo Boost, 4MB Cache) – As energy efficiency is one of the priorities of this processor
  • Discover dual-display productivity – World-class craftsmanship meets dual-display productivity in the Yoga Book C930, an ultraportable 360° convertible. A dynamic E Ink screen morphs between keyboard, sketchpad and e-reader—and sits side by side with a vibrant QHD display. Unlock new possibilities
  • World’s first dual-display laptop with E Ink – With two screens side by side, you’ll be able to amp up your creativity and productivity: Take notes while you watch a video; interact with multiple programs or websites at the same time; screen grab a presentation, and make edits directly; or sketch out an idea with a photograph or video on the main screen.
  • Best 10” on-screen touch keyboard on the planet – Enjoy natural and intuitive typing on the Yoga Book C930’s E Ink Keyboard, one of the E Ink panel’s three functions. Featuring visual and haptic feedback that mimic a “real” keyboard, it offers a 22 percent increase in typing productivity from our previous Yoga Book. It’s powered by AI, which means the more you use it, the more accurate it becomes. Plus, you’ll be able to customize the keyboard depending on your preferred language and format.
  • World’s thinnest & lightest dual-display laptop – It’s a laptop, tablet, and e-reader—in one impossibly slim, incredibly light package. At just 9.9 mm thin and featuring a fanless aluminum design, it’ll go anywhere in style.

Yoga Book’s 10.8-inch high-resolution IPS display interacts with an E Ink display that functions as a notepad, sketchbook, eReader and a self-learning keyboard. And with the 7th Generation Intel Core processor which was purpose built to deliver incredible processing power for a fanless laptop, the Yoga Book C930 is designed to produce no thermal noise. It’s got a 10.8-inch QHD 2K IPS display, two speakers, and features Dolby Atmos immersive audio.

The Yoga comes with an optional Precision Pen5 and was designed for users to annotate on reports, jot down notes or sketch out ideas on either the LCD or E Ink display. It’s the latest Bluetooth active pen with Wacom technology, so users can now apply up to 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, along with pen tilt support to achieve natural shading effects.

The big draw is the E Ink keyboard, which is 10 inches and it’ll show black-and-white keys that “depress” when touched, it vibrates to provide haptic feedback. Tap the function button on the top right, and the E Ink screen switches over to a notepad mode. You can write on the screen with an included stylus, and the system will not only save your sketches, but also translate them into text that you can copy and paste over into the primary display. You will also be able to read ebooks on the E Ink display with yet another function. Currently it only works for PDF documents, but Lenovo says they are adding EPUB/MOBI support soon.

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