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Lenovo Yoga Paper

Lenovo Yoga Paper

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The YOGA Paper e-note has a 10.3-inch E INK Carta HD e-paper screen with a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels and 212 PPI. This is the first purely E INK device that Lenovo has ever made and it is very compelling. The screen is front-lit for more comfortable reading in dark or dimly lit environments, although you can also turn off the light and see the screen using only ambient light. And the tablet works with a cover that automatically puts the device to sleep when the screen is covered.

The matte screen layer also aids in writing by providing a non-slippery surface while also restoring the real damping of the nib. The pen is also extremely responsive having just 23ms latency, all of which, Lenovo said, offers a silky-smooth writing experience. The stylus has 4,095 degrees of pressure sensitivity.

Overall, the basic design includes slim bezels on all three sides and a thicker ledger on the left, which also comes with a groove for hosting the digital pen. Lenovo said the thickish left stem allows for ease in holding the device and allows for both left-hand and right-handed users. The user interface also offers a lot of customization options. For instance, the menu bar can be removed to allow for displaying more content.

Underneath the hood are a Rockchip RK3566 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. It has Bluetooth 5.2, USB-C and a 3,500 battery, which is rated 10 weeks before a recharge. It supports optical character recognition (OCR) for note-taking, although its stylus could also be used for drawing. You can connect the Yoga Paper to an external display since it has wireless support for this sort of thing.

The UI also supports split-screen operation with one half operating independently of the other. As Lenovo stated, one use case scenario can be language translation with one-half of the display used to show the original content and the translated portion displayed on the other half. Plus, there are ways to customize the wallpaper, clock, calendar, notes, messages, and such. Also, with the more than 70 note-taking templates that the device comes with, it’s easy to get started with note-taking right away. Other convenient features include conference recording and note playback, or conversion of handwriting to text along with easy sharing options as well. All of this can make things a lot easier for office workers, students, teachers, and researchers alike.

This device comes with Android 11 and there is no word yet on an app store, however, you will be able to sideload in your own favourite 3rd party app store, such as the Amazon App Store or the Samsung App Store.

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