MobiScribe 6.8 e-note - Good e-Reader Store
MobiScribe 6.8 e-note - Good e-Reader Store
MobiScribe 6.8 e-note - Good e-Reader Store
MobiScribe 6.8 e-note - Good e-Reader Store
MobiScribe 6.8 e-note - Good e-Reader Store
MobiScribe 6.8 e-note - Good e-Reader Store
Good e-Reader Store

MobiScribe 6.8 e-note

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  • The screen is a capacitive touch-control menu and a WACOM screen (with 4096 degrees of pressure sensitivity) which allows for precise stylus control. This technology combined can determine where you place your palm while you write to ensure no unintended marks during writing/drawing.
  • One full charge on this long-lasting battery runs the MobiScribe for a WHOLE WEEK.
  • Anti-glare screen is viewable from EVERY angle.
  • Adjustable front light with WARM and COOL settings.
  • Comes loaded with creative document templates (lined, music, graph, dot, and more!). Mobiscribe Box: Includes MobiScribe, Stylus, Cover, 3x Stylus Tips and Tweezer, USB cable. Quick Start Guide with Warranty

The Mobiscribe features a 6.8 inch E Ink Carta HD display with 265 PPI. It has an adjustable front light, which is useful if you are reading at night. You can also engage the color temperature system, which lowers the bright white light, into various degrees of orange. This system performs well, there is no light spillage from the screen, where the LED lights are. The orange effect is acceptable, it is not as good as the way Kobo does it, with their Candlelight effect.

The screen on the the Mobiscribe has both a capacitive and Wacom touchscreen, giving you the option of using either your fingertip or a stylus that supports 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. The screen is sunken and not flush with the bezel. I find that digital note taking devices suffer a little bit with this design. It is harder to draw edge to edge using the stylus. It might hamper professional artists, but if you are just jotting down notes, it should be fine.

The stylus is made of plastic and has an eraser at the top, which can you flip around and erase things you have written on the screen. The stylus does not have an attachment used to lock into place on your pocket protector or a case. It is smooth and minimalist in the overall design and  writing on the screen has virtually no latency.

Underneath the hood is a 1GHz Freescale Solo Lite CPU with 1GB of RAM, WIFI and 8GB internal storage. It also has a microSD card slot and wifi  and is powered by a 1500 mAh battery.

The Mobiscribe is made of a pure black hardened plastic body. It has an USB port on the bottom that is used to charge your device and a power button at the top.

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