Onyx Boox Foot Pedal - Good e-Reader Store
Onyx Boox Foot Pedal - Good e-Reader Store
Onyx Boox Foot Pedal - Good e-Reader Store
Onyx Boox Foot Pedal - Good e-Reader Store
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Onyx Boox Foot Pedal

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  • Minimalist Design: Minimalist design of appearance and practical feature wins Red Dot Design Award 2019.
  • Prompt Interaction: Specifically design for Boox devices, it has capacity of promptly interacting with Max 2 with a wireless connection.
  • Skid-resistant Design: The Skid-resistant base helps to prevents slipping and sliding during use.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Android and Apple devices. Choose from 4 default key modes that cover most Android and Apple apps.
  • Easy Pairing: Easy to Pairing your device. You can do it just like pairing a general Bluetooth device to your mobile phone.

The Onyx Boox Bluetooth Foot Pedal is geared towards musicians who want to turn the pages of sheet music with a foot pedal. There are many instruments that require two hands to use, such as the guitar, piano or violin, this foot medal is made for you.

You can turn the pages of a PDF file or ebook with the click of the Pedal. It connects up to your Onyx device via Bluetooth. The foot pedal acts a manual page turn button, it works in portrait mode or landscape mode.

This foot pedal is also compatible with all sheet music apps for Android, so you can download your favorite app from Google Play. Even if you do not have an Onyx Boox e-reader, this foot pedal is compatible with smartphones and tablets. You can even use your iPad or large Microsoft Surface.

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