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STAEDTLER EMR Digital Pencil for Noris Digital Chromebook

STAEDTLER EMR Digital Pencil for Noris Digital Chromebook

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Staedtler has just released a new Noris digital stylus designed for Chromebooks but will work on all e-readers and e-notes with a WACOM display. The Noris EMR Digital pencil is made of natural wood and is designed and manufactured in Germany. It looks like a typical number two pencil, so it feels easy to hold during extended writing or drawing sessions. The Noris 2023 stylus has only been released in Japan and is unavailable anywhere except but this website. You get the stylus, five replacement nibs and a nib removal tool with purchase.

The design is similar to the Noris Slim and Jumbo, which came out several years ago. The stylus nibs have 4,096 degrees of pressure sensitivity, so the harder you press, the thicker the lines become. There is hardly any stylus on the market with wood; almost all are cheap plastic. However, there are a few made of aluminum or metal. The Noris EMR Digital Pen supports most e-readers with EMR screens, such as the Amazon Kindle Scribe, Remarkable, Onyx Boox, Fujitsu Gen 2, Meebook and Bigme. It will also work on most Samsung tablets with EMR screens and should work on the Note series.

  • EMR PENCILS IN THE SHAPE OF TRADITIONAL PENCILS: The look and feel of graphite pencils for a very natural writing experience on compatible Chromebooks.
  • Compatible with all Chromebooks that use WACOM's EMR technology, ditto with e-notes. 
  • Includes: 1 Yellow Staedtler Noris Digital Stylus with 5 extra nibs.
  • Palm Rejection: Only pencil tips are recognized and palms are ignored on touch screens.
  • Made in Germany: Made from the highest quality German PEFC certified forest wood.
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