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Dasung Paperlike 3 HD with Front-light and a Touchscreen

Dasung Paperlike 3 HD with Front-light and a Touchscreen

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DASUNG’s latest E-ink Monitor, equipped with Touchscreen and Front-light.

  • The fastest E-ink monitor. – 13.3-size large E-ink screen – Fast as LCD 
  • Displays like real paper 
  • Maximum resolution of 2K 
  • Work with any external device via HDMI 
  • Support PC/ Mac/ iPhone/ iPad – Protect Your Eyes

The Dasung Paperlike Pro Touch is designed to be a secondary monitor and it is employing E Ink technology. It features a giant 13.3 inch Mobius display with a maximum resolution of 2K, which means you will likely get a resolution of 2,200 x 1650,  if your video card supports it. This is the first Dasung model that has a touchscreen, so you use your finger to click on things or to simply pinch and zoom.

This Dasung product works with any device that has an HDMI port, which means it will work on your PC,MAC, Laptop or tablet. It has an adjustable front-light, which has the LED lights on the bottom of the bezel and projects light evenly across the screen. This is great if you use it in low-light environments, but it also can be shut off completely.

The PRO Touch does not have an internal battery or storage, so it can’t be used a portable e-reader. Its sole purpose is to be a monitor and Dasung claims this model is as fast as an LCD monitor, due to their Floyd technology, which rapidly displays content. This monitor is great for people who have  vision disorders or simply can’t look at a backlit monitor while writing or doing productivity tasks.

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