Freewrite Smart Typewriter (3rd Gen)
Freewrite Smart Typewriter (3rd Gen)
Freewrite Smart Typewriter (3rd Gen)

Freewrite Smart Typewriter (3rd Gen)

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he original distraction-free writing tool made even better.

The improved 3rd Generation Smart Typewriter features all new internals.

  • New display - Includes the latest generation E Ink™ panel with a warm frontlight for easy reading indoors, outdoors, during the day or night
  • New keyboard - Box brown switches are more durable with the same great tactile feeling
  • Longer battery life - Improved battery life with a new processor and optimized design
  • Updated software - The latest software includes a document manager and hot-key enabled arrow keys
  • Timeless design - Field-tested, durable construction with an all aluminum body and retractable handle
  • Universal keyboard - Support for writing in 30+ languages
  • Guaranteed protection - 180-day manufacturer’s warranty comes standard

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