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Kaite 2 – Battery-Free 13.3 Note Taking Slate with Grid Layout

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  • Features: Zero consumables and can be used repeatedly. Adopts a newly developed high-contrast sheet. “kaite II (Kite 2) magnetic memo pad for paper-like writing.
  • Set Contents: Main unit, dedicated pen twin type S2, exclusive eraser S (1 of each).
  • Standards: A4 (5 mm square); External dimensions: H 11.7 x W 8.3 x D 0.1 inches (297 x 211 x 3 mm); Effective writing surface dimensions: H 9.9 x W 8.1 inches (253 x 206 mm).
  • Product Weight: Approx. 8.1 oz (230 g) (including pen and eraser); Material: ABS, PET
  • Writing surface: Magnetic sheet (solid); Pen Type: For both bold and medium letters (Cap with eraser).

The Kaite 2 features a 13.3 inch E-paper screen and does not have a battery. This is the new model with a grid layout. This can be used for technical drawings, writing, cursive, equations and so much more.

This device is very environmentally friendly and economical tool, and does not have a battery.  There is a magnet at the top that houses the double sided stylus, one side does thick lines and the other are thin. There is an eraser cap that you can attach to whatever side you want, to remove things from the screen. It also ships with a dedicated eraser, with a pen holster on it. The eraser also has a clip on it, so you can attach to your device.

This is a simple drawing pad. It doesn’t have any internal storage or a processor, or any RAM. You cannot save any of the drawings to the root of the device, instead you need to download the Kaite app for Android or IOS to your smartphone or tablet. You basically use your devices camera to take a picture of it, and it will give you a high resolution image. Next, you can save it as a graphic file, and then save it to your phones/tablets internal storage, or send it to your favorite cloud solution like Dropbox, Onedrive, or Google Drive.

  •  [Features] Can be used with zero consumption. Uses a newly developed high contrast sheet.
  • Magnetic memo pad “kaite 2 that feels like writing on paper
  •  [Standard] A4 (plain) [External dimensions] H297 x W211 x D3 mm [Effective writing surface dimensions] H253 x W206 mm
  •  [Set Contents] Main unit, dedicated pen twin type S2, dedicated eraser S (1 each)
  •  [Writing surface] Magnet sheet (plain) [Pen type] For both bold and medium characters (cap with eraser)
  •  [Body weight] Approx. 230 g (including pen and eraser) [Material] ABS, PET
  • Download the Android App  – https://apps.goodereader.com/android-apps/e-reader-apps/?did=44517
  • Download the IOS App – https://apps.apple.com/tr/app/kaite/id1455051831
  • Save your drawings to the apps, send them to dropbox, Google Drive or any other cloud storage.

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