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King Write MR05 WACOM Stylus

King Write MR05 WACOM Stylus

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  • “High level pen pressure sensitivity” Up to 4096 levels of pen pressure can be sensed, allowing you to finely express the shading of lines. It is recommended not only for digital artists and designers, but also for those who often write letters on a daily basis.
  • “Malfunction Prevention & Tilt Sensing Function” Equipped with palm rejection function, malfunction will not occur even if you touch the surface of the device with your hand. It also detects the tilt of the pen, allowing you to draw fine lines.
  • “Ergonomic design” The surface of the pen has a soft and moist touch to provide a comfortable writing experience even when used for a long time. The end of the pen has an eraser function, so you can erase lines and letters with a light touch.
  • “Notice” MR05 is an electronic pen that uses WACOM EMR technology. It does not require charging and is compatible with most Galaxy Note/BOOX/remarkable models, but not all models are compatible. Please make sure your device is compatible before purchasing.
tilt support


Q:What devices is withMR05 compatible with?

A:For a device to be compatible with MR05 stylus pen, it must have EMR technology built into the display (check the list of compatible models). If your device is not on the compatible list, please get in touch with us for confirmation.

Q: Is the level of pressure sensitivity the higher, the better?

A: Pressure-sensitive pens can draw lines of varying thickness depending on the strength of the pen. It will be made stylus pen no different from using an actual pen. The higher the pressure sensitivity, the more sensitive the line changes, and the 4096 pressure-sensitive level is the pressure level is suitable for most users.

Q: Can the nib be replaced?

A: The nib is replaceable. A replacement nib and a tweezer are included in the packaging, making it easy to replace the nib.

Q: Does the protective film on the screen affect the writing performance of the pen?

A: This stylus pen is made with advanced EMR technology, so the protective film will not affect the use of the pen. In the future, we plan to introduce protective film products with a paper-like feel to provide customers with a more realistic writing experience.

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