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Kobo Stylus for the Sage and Elipsa

Kobo Stylus for the Sage and Elipsa

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The Kobo Stylus is designed to mimic a real pen with extra features:

  • Highlighter button (#1) – Press and hold to highlight text.
  • Eraser button (#2) – Press and hold to erase text or lines.

Depending on how much pressure you apply, you can create different types of lines just like a real pen.

  • To create thick lines, apply moderate pressure while writing.
  • To create thin lines, apply light pressure while writing.

The Kobo Stylus enables you to handwrite your thoughts and ideas on your Kobo eReader, just like a pen on paper. Compatible only with Kobo Sage and Kobo Elipsa, you can mark up eBooks or documents and take notes in the built-in notebook feature. With helpful buttons, you can easily erase or highlight. Includes 1 Kobo Stylus Replacement Tip, a tip replacement tool, and 1 replaceable AAAA battery.

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