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Onyx Boox Note Air Replacement Stylus

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Did you lose or break the stylus that came with your Onyx Boox Note Air? Buy the replacement stylus! The stylus has a magnet inside of it, so it will snap to the edge of the Air. it is passive and battery free. It is very comfortable, for long writing sessions.

BOOX Pen, as the specialized stylus made for Note Air, features a magnetic body, 4096-level pressure sensitivity, ergonomic design with a large diameter, and a stiff nib that brings you excellent writing experience. But how different is it from the other BOOX styluses?What makes BOOX Pen unique?

Stand Out with a Special Refill

Unlike active Bluetooth pens, BOOX styluses are the passive capacitive ones that don’t require a battery to write on E Ink screens. But what makes BOOX Pen stand out is its Shinonome GII refill.

The refill and the pen shaft design are the two most significant factors when considering to buy a pen. This also applies to styluses.

The similar size of a ballpen refill (left) and Shinonome GII refill (right). The right one is even shorter.

The similar size of a ballpen refill (left) and the Shinonome GII refill (right). The right one is even shorter.

The Shinonome GII refill features a compact body, a buffer, and a small, stiff nib. The similar size of a ballpen refill makes it perfectly fit into the BOOX Pen’s shaft with a 9.5mm diameter. And the buffer can not only absorb shocks but also provides a better writing experience.

The 0.8mm nib of BOOX Pen

Speaking of the nib, it’s much smaller and stiffer than others. The 0.8mm nib with improved hardness can better mimic the real writing feeling and create thinner strokes.

Also, we strongly recommend you apply the original screen protector on Note Air so you can get improved hand-writing experience.

Effortless Grip with Ergonomic Design

Like Note Air, BOOX Pen adopts an ergonomic design.

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We increase its diameter to 9.5mm to provide a more comfortable grip. The grooves on the shaft also add friction on fingertips to help you grasp it effortlessly.

BOOX Pen looks black at first glance. But, if you look closely, you will find it displays a green-ish gloss when reflecting the light, which makes it different from the black BOOX stylus.

Made For Note Air Only

BOOX Pen is the perfect companion to the Note Air thanks to its magnetic body and unique configuration.

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As BOOX’s engineering team needs to employ drivers on the devices to match a specific stylus, we have especially paired Note Air with the BOOX Pen. So it renders the best accuracy and minimum latency on Note Air.

As we’ve matched almost all tablets to the black triangle-shaped stylus, you can also use it to write and draw on Note Air.

It is worth noticing that there’s no eraser on the top or side of BOOX Pen. If you’re keen on physical erasers, you can check out the other BOOX styluses.

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