Pre-order ThinkBook Plus Twist
Pre-order ThinkBook Plus Twist
Pre-order ThinkBook Plus Twist
Pre-order ThinkBook Plus Twist
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Pre-order ThinkBook Plus Twist

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On one side is a 13.3-inch OLED display with a 2.8K native resolution and support for both touch input and stylus pen. That would be impressive enough by itself, with its rated 400-nit brightness, 100% DCI-P3 color-gamut coverage, and Dolby Vision HDR support.

But on the flip side of that OLED panel is another panel, a 12-inch color E Ink display that’s on what you would typically think of as the lid. That second screen can be used to type documents without eye strain, or to jot down notes with the supported pen.

Since its inception in 2020, ThinkBook Plus has become a synonym for unique and innovative SMB devices including ThinkBook Plus Gen 2 with e-Ink display and Gen 3 with a secondary 8-inch display beside the keyboard. Lenovo has a long history of innovation with twist form factors dating back to 2005 with the ThinkPad™ X41 tablet and later the ThinkPad Twist from 2012. The new ThinkBook Plus Twist reinvents the category by integrating an innovative rotating dual display that offers multimode versatility while enhancing the user experience in multiple areas that has created a unique laptop for a new generation.

While maintaining the core attributes of ThinkBook Plus Gen 2, Lenovo’s design and engineering teams listened to customer feedback and user insights to implement numerous improvements and innovations for ThinkBook Plus Twist:

  • Latest 13th Gen Intel Core processors
  • New narrow-bezel 13.3-inch 2.8K OLED display with touch glass and twist hinge
  • New front-lit colorful 12-inch e-Ink display on top cover with improved 12Hz refresh rate and touch glass
  • Intel Wi-Fi 6E1 improves wireless connectivity performance and stability on supported networks
  • Full size pen support on OLED and e-Ink displays with up to 18 months battery life

ThinkBook Plus Twist can be highly versatile with multiple modes that can be configured into clamshell format or tablet format, both of which can prioritize either the OLED display or the colorful e-Ink display thanks to the unique twist hinge.

Frequent business travellers will love the e-Ink display in either “typewriter” laptop mode or “e-paper” tablet mode allowing them to easily draft, edit and proofread documents via the keyboard or the pen. The e-Ink display can reduce eye strain from longer periods of use and also uses less power meaning longer stints between charging. For more advanced document or image workflows, users can switch to the OLED tablet mode and interact via the pen on the vivid 400nit 2.8K display.

These highly mobile workers will also relish the versatility as users can glance and interact with calendar appointments and emails on the e-Ink display while on the move. Then easily switch to OLED laptop display mode with a twist and press a key to participate in a high-definition video conference through the FHD camera and great audio, thanks to dual-microphones that offer smart noise cancellation to reduce ambient noise. While in OLED laptop mode users can leverage the full power of 13th Gen Intel Core processors and Windows 11 delivering a high-performance productivity workhorse. At the end of the day, switch to OLED tablet mode to relax with a favorite streaming service or twist to e-Ink tablet mode for a few chapters of the latest bestseller.




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