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Tolino Page 2

Tolino Page 2

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Display: E INK Carta HD
Screen Size: 6 inch
Display Resolution:1024×768
PPI: 212
WACOM Active Digitizer: No
Front Light – Yes
Color Temperature – No
Processor: Freescale Solo Lite 1GHZ Processor
Internal Storage:8GB
Page Turn Buttons: No
Micro SD: NO

Operating System: Linux
Battery:1000 mAh
Digital Pen:No
Data Connector:Micro-USB
Bluetooth: No
Waterproof: No
Audio: No

Weight: 179 g

Reads like the printed page, lighter than a paperback

Thanks to the in-built E Ink® Carta technology, the tolino page 2’s screen reflects light almost like normal paper, for no-glare reading, even in intense sunlight. Better handling is guaranteed thanks to both the new compact format and the structure of the non-slip surface on the back of the page 2. The latter will give you a good grip on the eBook Reader, making long reading sessions effortless. Reads like the printed page – with the advantages of digital reading.

tolino eReader page 2 frontlight

Read around the clock thanks to front light

If you simply can’t put your book down, just keep reading! All thanks to the integrated front light. The light on your tolino page 2 allows you to read at any time of day and in any light. Immerse yourself in your latest page- turner, even while your partner is sleeping soundly beside you.

tolino page 2 Bibliothek

6,000 books at the touch of a button.

Over two million eBooks are just waiting to be read – browse through all the latest titles around the clock on the tolino bookstores’ online shops and download your next page-turner directly to your eReader. The tolino page 2 has plenty of space for all of your favorite eBooks. Featuring 8 GB of memory, around 6 GB of it for your books, you can download and store up to 6,000 eBooks onto your tolino vision 2 and take them with you wherever you go – either at home or on the road.

eReader tolino page 2

High-performing battery for weeks of reading pleasure

Even heavy readers will be impressed by its stamina: the tolino page 2 consumes little power during reading, guaranteeing weeks of reading pleasure without any need for charging cables. This is not just practical in everyday life, but also makes the tolino page 2 eReader an ideal travel companion.

tolino page 2 eReader collections

The choice is yours: You decide where you buy your eBooks

Freedom is another convenient feature with tolino. You can decide for yourself when and where you buy your eBooks. You can browse through more than two million eBooks at any time of day or night on tolino bookstores’ online shops. Once you find a new book to read, you can download it directly to your tolino page 2.

tolino page 2 eReader

Download eBooks directly via WLAN

Looking to download the latest bestsellers or eBook bargains on your eReader in a matter of seconds? All you need to do is connect your tolino page 2 to a WLAN and browse brand-new eBooks in the integrated eBook shop. Free use of Deutsche Telekom HotSpots in Germany (after logging in with a bookseller account) also provides you with quick access to the internet.

tolino cloud: safely store and synchronize your eBooks

Your tolino page 2 gives you free access to the tolino Cloud, the secure online storage for your reads. Here you can find the eBooks you have purchased as well as eBooks that you have uploaded to the tolino cloud yourself. You can also access your saved eBooks anytime, even from on the go. The cloud storage can even be synchronized across up to five devices.

Many practical features for perfect reading enjoyment

Experience perfect reading comfort thanks to the tolino page 2’s wide range of intelligent features. Choose from a range of fonts that have been optimized for the E Ink® display and switch between preferred fonts any way you like. The additional text settings for margins, text alignment and line spacing give you the right flow for hours of reading enjoyment. Need to make notes, place bookmarks or look up words or a translation while you read? No problem for your tolino page 2. Simply select a word in your eBook. In just a few seconds, you’ll get a definition or a translation of the word.

  • NEW front light – integrated reading light for comfortable reading in the dark

  • Set font type and size individually in your eBook

  • Non-reflective E Ink Carta display: Reads like the printed page

  • Weeks and weeks of battery life for long-lasting reading pleasure

  • Open System: compatible with EPUB, PDF, TXT, compatible with eBooks from public lending libraries, e.g. Onleihe

  • Download eBooks directly via WLAN

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