Tolino Shine 3 e-Reader
Tolino Shine 3 e-Reader
Tolino Shine 3 e-Reader
Tolino Shine 3 e-Reader
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Tolino Shine 3 e-Reader

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Display: E INK Carta HD
Screen Size: 6 inch
Display Resolution:1872×1404
PPI: 300
WACOM Active Digitizer: No
Front Light – Yes
Color Temperature – Yes
Processor:Freescale Solo Lite 1GHZ
Internal Storage:8GB
Page Turn Buttons: No
Micro SD: NO

Operating System: Android
Battery: 1500
Digital Pen:No
Data Connector:Micro-USB
Bluetooth: No
Waterproof: No

Length:110 mm
Width:156 mm
Thickness:8.35 mm
Weight: 166 g

More than just good looks

The new design of the tolino shine 3 combines aesthetics with functionality. However, even though it is much smaller and even more compact, the eReader still provides the same sized reading surface as its predecessor with a 6″ display. Better handling is guaranteed thanks to both the new format and the structure of the non-slip surface on the back. The latter will give you a good grip on the eBook Reader, making long reading sessions effortless. The simplified interface pools all of the device’s functions clearly in the menu of the tolino shine 3 for the first time – you can now also operate the reading light and start page navigation intuitively by swiping. And the freedom to read is also as convenient as ever with tolino: you decide when and where to buy your eBooks. In the online shops of tolino bookstores, you can now browse through more than 3 million eBooks around the clock and download your favorite new books straight to your device.

Optimal reading light at all times

The tolino shine 3 lets every story appear in a favorable light – day and night. The tolino smartLight provides optimal reading light on the tolino eBook Reader at every time of day or night. The color temperature in the integrated light automatically adjusts to suit the time of day and changes in harmony with the natural daylight, from cool white light in the morning to warm white light in the evening. This makes it perfect for your biorhythm – especially if you like to read before bed. Of course, you can also adjust the smartLight to your individual preferences or the ambient light: choose between a cool or warm light on your eReader. In addition, the high-contrast, high-definition 300 ppi E Ink Carta Display offers an eye-friendly reading experience that’s just like paper.

Extra-large memory for your eBooks

Saving space is so yesterday: from now on, your digital library will be able to continue to grow in leaps and bounds. With a generous 8GB of memory, around 6 GB of it for your books, you can save up to 6,000 eBooks locally on your tolino shine 3. This means that you will always have your favorite books in your pocket, with the right book on hand at all times when you’re on the go.

High-performing battery for weeks of reading pleasure

Even heavy readers will be inspired by its stamina: the tolino shine 3 consumes little power during reading, guaranteeing weeks of reading pleasure without any need for charging cables. This is not just practical in everyday life, but also makes the tolino shine 3 eBook Reader an ideal travel companion.

Pin sharp 300 ppi E Ink Carta display

Thanks to its next-generation display, the tolino shine 3 offers a sharper reading experience with excellent black-and-white contrast and significantly less flicker when turning the pages of your eBook. Even in bright sunlight the E Ink Carta display is glare-free, delivering perfect reading pleasure. Pin-sharp, paper-like display of even small fonts, combined with the benefits of digital reading! A wide range of useful functions make your every reading break easier. And when it gets dark: simply turn on the integrated smartLight, set it to your preferred brightness, and … keep reading.

Limitless freedom – buy eBooks wherever you want

tolino believes in openness and lets you choose for yourself which booksellers you want to buy from. This customer-friendly approach means you enjoy access to the full range of offerings from all available tolino eBook sellers. You can comfortably load existing ePUB and PDF eBooks onto your tolino shine 3 and read them there – tolino makes this especially straightforward with its tolino cloud synchronization and the tolino library link. Digital reading – simple, practical and versatile with tolino.

tolino cloud – safely store and synchronize

Want to access your eBooks easily and safely on the go, even if you don’t have your tolino shine 3 to hand? No problem: thanks to the free tolino cloud connection you can flexibly enjoy your eBooks on other devices. The tolino app and the tolino web reader make reading on different end devices especially straightforward. And because all your reading devices are synchronized, when you have your tolino shine 3 to hand again you can simply continue reading where you left off.

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