Xiaomi Smart Band 7
Xiaomi Smart Band 7
Xiaomi Smart Band 7
Xiaomi Smart Band 7
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Xiaomi Smart Band 7

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  • .62 Large Screen Display, Clean and Easy to Read: Equipped with a 1.62-inch OLED display that has approximately 25% wider viewing area than the Mi Smart Band 6. Even when jogging on rough trails, cycling or on a swinging yacht, you can easily manage your exercise and operate it with a quick glance
  • Always On Display Screen Display: “Always On Mode” allows you to keep the dial on the watch at all times. No need to raise your wrist or touch the screen to see the time and information. It also features a dedicated watch face with more advanced graphics and a more smooth animation effect and a custom watch face to make you more unique
  • Over 110 different exercise modes, the closest coach: Supports over 110 different sports modes and professional workout analysis. Track calories burned, change heart rate, and workout time in a variety of sports and fitness. Get a good sweat!
  • Health Tracking Function and Good Health Support: You can measure your blood oxygen level all day. If the blood oxygen level is too low (less than 90%), the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 will vibrate and protect from potential health risks. Heart rate monitoring to support you from the heart. Also, you can track your heart rate all day in real time and check the data in detail with the easy-to-read graph. When your heart rate is disconnected from the safe zone, the band will vibrate and alert
  • 【Sleep Monitoring】Turn your sleep time into a more meaningful time. Monitors various sleep patterns more accurately You can check detailed statistics of deep sleep, light sleep, and Rem stages* on your smartphone, helping you know and improve your sleep quality
  • (14 days of use on a single charge) The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 battery life test conditions are as follows: All settings are set to factory default, receive 100 notifications per day, 10 alarms per day, 10 seconds vibration, 200 lift-list-to-wake functions, synchronize apps and data, 2 times per day, 2 times per day, manually measure blood oxygen saturation levels 2 times per day, 60 minutes per week Record movement between
  • This product and its functions are not designed as a medical device and is not intended to predict, diagnose, prevention, or cure any disease
  • Resolution: 192 x 490 pixels, 326 PPI Brightness: up to 500 nit (adjustable) Anti-Fingerprint Coating Tempered Glass Watch Face: Over 100 Varieties About 25% Wide Viewing Area* *Xiaomi Smart Band 7 display area is about 25% wider than the Mi Smartband 6. Data from Huami Labs
xiaomi band 7

Xiaomi's only designated official authentic store: (Xiaomi US), other stores are fake

xiaomi band 7
xiaomi band 7

New band faces, new attitudes

100+ Dynamic Band Faces

With more advanced graphic rendering and smoother animation effects, both the exclusive dynamic band faces and the customlized ones become superior. Your favorite from your album is always on for you with AOD always-on mode.

xiaomi band 7

Too magnificent to miss

1.62'' AMOLED Display

The magnificent large AMOLED display debuts on your wrist, making it easy for you to read and control. Everything is presented in detail at high resolution. Even better, thanks to always-on mode, you can read date and time without lifting your wrist or using your fingers.

The views are better

The Advanced UI designs

Every UI interface has been redesigned and improved with the key information and numbers stand out to you. In brief, the interfaces are clearer and easier.

xiaomi band 7

No Loose end on Your Health

All-day SpO₂ monitoring

Blood oxygen saturation (SpO₂) is a key indicator of a person's overall health, reflecting the oxygen levels in the blood. Xiaomi Smart Band 7 band will vibrate to alert you if your blood oxygen level is too low (<90%) to protect you from potential health risks. *

All-day heart rate monitoring

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 tracks your real time heart rate all day long and delivers precise reviews in easy-to-read graphs. The band will vibrate to alert when your heart rates fall out of the safe zone.*

Sleep Quality Tracking

The band monitors your sleep patterns with care and accuracy. You can find detail statistics regarding deep sleep, light sleep and REM* phase on your smartphone to help you understand your sleep quality.

xiaomi band 7

Answers to daily exercise concerns

Wondering how your workout works out for you?Check "Training effect " to find out the ratings for your Aerobic and/or Anaerobic exercise.

xiaomi band 7

More options, more motives

Supports 110+ Sports Modes

A wide varity of sports modes help you keep a track of the burned calories, heart rate changes, and workout durations.

Going to the water with you

5ATM water resistance*

Support pool swimming, snorkeling, and intelligent recognition of the 4 common swimming styles.

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