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Bigme E ink Smartphone Hibreak

Bigme E ink Smartphone Hibreak

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Meet Hibreak
Discover the Bigme Hibreak, a groundbreaking E ink smartphone that pushes the limits of innovation. With its advanced GPS navigation system, you’ll never lose your way.
The automatic ghosting removal ensures a clear and crisp display, while the proprietary xColor color enhancement algorithm brings your visuals to life. Experience technology like never before with the Bigme Hibreak, where every feature is a step into the future

High-end performance
Multiple scenarios

Versatile Device, Infinite Possibilities

Smart office
Bigme 3 patented technologies

1.Bigme self-developed xRapid super refresh technology

Bid farewell to frustrating ghosting and lag, thanks to our cutting-edge xRapid refresh technology. Experience fluid and uninterrupted transitions as you seamlessly navigate through your work or leisure activities.

Super fast refresh

2. Auto Ghosting Elimination

Bigme's self-developed patented technology forquickly clearing ghosting, which supports both extreme and normal (fast) modes, makes the ghosting minimal.
Combined with anti-shake function, it refreshes smoothly without traces,providing a more pleasant experience.

Auto ghosting elimination

3. Bigme xColor Managerment Algorithm

Engineered to deliver colors that are more vibrant and smoother, for an unparalleled visual experience.

Bigme xColor management algorithm
1.Connect with the world at your fingertips. Hibreak’s 4G LTE calling feature covers most countries, making global communication more accessible than ever.


4G LTE supports bands is as below :

4G bands

2. GPS Precise navigation

GPS Precise navigation

What makes Bigme Hibreak the best ?

1.Unleash the power of smart working with Hibreak, featuring free voice-to-text ,OCR, AI Assistant and an open Android system, designed to effortlessly adapt to any scenario.

Multiple scenarios2.Featuring synchronization with 4 cloud drives, making your documents available anytime, anywhere.

Cloud integrations

3. Equipped with a 36-level adjustable front light, designed for your visual comfort and protection.

4.Powered by Android 11 OS

Bigme Hibreak runs Android OS and ships with Google Play pre-installed which gives you the ability to download millions of apps for study, work, & entertainment without the need to sideload anything.

Google play store pre-installed
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