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Good e-Reader Premium Metal Stand

Good e-Reader Premium Metal Stand

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All-Metal Design

Multiple Colors available

Works with all devices!



Introducing the brand new Good e-Reader Premium Metal stand for e-readers and tablets. It comes with plastic film on the bottom and top, where your device would sit in the stand, this ensures that your device will not be scratched or dented. The stand can be titled 180 degrees, so you can find your optimal viewing angle.

This product is ideal to sit the device down and let it charge overnight. It will not fall down and is better than just letting your iPad or Kindle sit on the back, maybe getting scratched by all the wear and tear. You can basically just let it rest on this stand, when you are not using it.

The Good e-reader Stand provides a on of value. Let your tablet sit propped up in the kitchen while following a recipe, or just listen to an audiobook through the external speakers. You can read ebooks, while sitting on your desk, while you wait for things to load or to balance work.


On the Dining Table

To hold the iPad on the Lamicall Stand. You can still watch videos comfortably when eating with a knife and fork.


On the Desk

Lamicall Stand will always keep your tablet and for iPad standing out from any clutter. Simple also elegant.



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