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Good e-Reader WACOM Premium Stylus

Good e-Reader WACOM Premium Stylus

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Introducing the Good e-Reader Premium WACOM stylus that is compatible with most digital note taking devices. This stylus is made of a very high durable plastic and has a hefty weight of 13g, the lapel clip is made of a brushed aluminum. The nib is made of plastic, which means you never have to replace it. The stylus has over 4,096 degrees of pressure sensitivity. There is an eraser on the side, which is useful if you make a mistake and want to correct it.  The Good e-Reader Premium Stylus has a better design that most of the stock stylus that ship with most e-readers.

The stylus is compatible with all products from Boyue Likebook, Onyx Boox, Remarkable, SuperNote, MooInk Pro and many others. It is not compatible with the Sony Digital Paper, since they have their own technology that is incompatible with all other styli.

How does the weight of the Good e-Reader stylus compare to the competition? The Samsung Galaxy Note is 3g, Onyx and Boyue's stock stylus is 8g and the Remarkable is 12g. The Good e-Reader Premium Stylus is 13g, the added weight really makes a huge difference when drawing or taking notes.

The Good e-Reader Premium Stylus comes with a luxuries pen case, to house and protect it during shipment. It is also a good place to store it when you are not using it, or during transport.

Purchase the Good e-Reader Premium Stylus today and take drawing and digital note taking to a completely new level.

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