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Kaite 2S Roller Eraser

Kaite 2S Roller Eraser

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Exclusive “rotated” eraser for clean board
Manual and electric lineup available.

Manual eraser:
The idea design incorporates a rotating mechanism without using batteries.

Electric Eraser:
Uses batteries so you can quickly turn off a wide range of surfaces.
Use the protruding part on the tip to erase a single character.

All of the erasers are attached to the “Clean Board Clair” body.

  • Exclusive eraser for clean boards with rotary eraser
  • Idea design incorporates a rotating mechanism without using batteries
  • External Size: W 7.3 x D 2.0 x H 2.4 inches (185 x 50
  • Materials: ABS, magnet, felt, thermoplastic elastomer
  • This product is the same as the eraser included in the "Clean Board Claire Manual Eraser Attachment"
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