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Kingwrite Replacement Nibs (10 Pack)

Kingwrite Replacement Nibs (10 Pack)

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tipcase 10units


tipcase package


What’s in the package
  • 1 x Quick start guide
  • 1 x Tip case
  • 10 x Pen nibs

Tip case with 10 units replacement nibs


  • Tip case for nibs storage.
  • The end of the Tip case for pulling out the pen nib.


  • Nibs storage function
  • Nibs pull-out function

storage tips

nib puller

replace nibs

Nibs storage function

The interior of the tip case is used to store nibs.

Nibs pull out function

The end of the Tip case is a nib puller tool.

Replace nib easily

Easy to pull out the nib with the nib puller.

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