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LAMY safari twin pen all black EMR Digital Writing

LAMY safari twin pen all black EMR Digital Writing

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Lamy is well-known for high quality fountain pens and they have dabbled with WACOM EMR pens, with the Lamy Al-Star. Lamy has just released their first 2-in-1, a EMR pen that you can use on virtually any e-note in the world and also a traditional ballpoint pen, which can be used to write in notebooks, or paper. This is a really compelling product that gives you the best of both worlds and is entirely unique and multi functional.

The construction of the pen is plastic with a very nice ergonomic grip, the clip is made of metal and the overall color scheme is black. Lamy is utilizing a twist style mechanism to switch between the EMR stylus and the traditional foundation pen. You twist the sides in a 180 degree angle and it will switch between the different pens. The writing pen  is normally good for about a year, before you need to buy the replace it with a Lamy M21 Black refill. The Wacom layer has 4,096 degrees of pressure sensativity, so the harder you press, the thicker the lines will become. It is also wireless and battery-free, so there is no need to charge it.

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