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Pocketbook Basic Lux 4 e-reader with Touchscreen

Pocketbook Basic Lux 4 e-reader with Touchscreen

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The new Pocketbook Basic Lux 4 sports a 6-inch E Ink display with a resolution of 1024×758 with 212 PPI. This version of the Basic Lux now has a full touchscreen display. The e-paper display is backed by front-light technology but lacks an adjustable colour temperature control. Also, lying just below the show are the physical page turn buttons that are reminiscent of its predecessor, or for that matter, most other PocketBook e-reader models out there. Further, at 155 grams, it is also easily among the lightest.

The e-reader comes with microSD card support which should come in handy given that the onboard storage is just 8 GB. Other features include Wi-Fi and a USB-C port, which is a healthy upgrade over the micro USB port that the Basic Lux 3 came with. It has Dropbox support too, which helps in the wireless transfer of files. Also, with support for 25 e-book formats, including the most popular ones, you can rest assured of reading almost any content you can think of. The battery is claimed to last around a month on a single charge.

The Basic Lux 4 is conveniently priced at $109, making it quite an attractive option in the entry-level e-reader segment, more so given the presence of physical buttons and a microSD card slot for storage expansion.

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