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Remarkable 2

Remarkable 2

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Display: Canvas 2.0
Screen Size: 10.3
Display Resolution: 1872×1404
PPI: 226
WACOM Active Digitizer: Yes
Front Light – No
Color Temperature – No
Processor: ARM 1.2 GHZ Dual Core
Internal Storage: 8GB
Page Turn Buttons: No
Micro SD: NO

Operating System: Linux
Battery:3000 mAh
Digital Pen:Yes
Data Connector:USB-C
Bluetooth: No
Waterproof: No
Audio: No

Weight: 405g

The Remarkable 2 features a 10.3 inch E INK display with Canvas 2.0 technology for a better refresh system when viewing PDF files or reading digital content. The resolution is the same as the original with 1872x1404 with 226 PPI.  The screen has 21ms latency, which is ideal for the new pens that have tilt and pressure sensitivity.

Underneath the hood is a 1.2 GHZ dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. Remarkable has basically doubled the processor and RAM from the original, but has kept the internal storage the same on the second generation model. Also, the company has decided to forgo a Micro USB port and go with USC-C, which should appeal to many people.  It is powered by a 3,000 mAH battery and one charge should last around three weeks, the original model only lasted a few days. You can also leave it in standby mode for up to 90 days. It also continues to have wireless internet access for the new Chrome Plugin.

The dimensions are 246mm by 188mm and 4.7 mm and weighs 450g. Remarkable is billing this as the thinnest digital note taking device on the market.

This device comes with a free stylus and a Grey Polymer Weave Case.

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