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RICOH eWhiteboard 4200 755285 Large Electronic Paper

RICOH eWhiteboard 4200 755285 Large Electronic Paper

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  • Viewer function that can be seen from other devices
  • Industry stamp that is useful in the field
  • Remote sharing that connects to a bunch of sites
  • Quick time PDF form to accelerate input speed
  • Work with a variety of cloud storage
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Many schools and businesses are starting to use digital whiteboards, instead of plastic ones ones. The big advantages of this market segment is connectivity, whatever is being drawn on the board can be shared in real time, on tablets, smartphones or computers. Good e-Reader got some hands on review time with the RICOH, which is a digital whiteboard using an E INK display and because of e-paper, there is no glare from overhead lighting, so everyone can see what is on the screen.

The RICOH eWhiteboard 4200 features a 42 inch Carta HD display with a resolution of 2,160 x 2,880 and 86 PPI. that allows people to interact with it with a capacitive touchscreen and also a stylus.  It is is also waterproof and dust-proof, rated IP65. With a paper-like appearance, the device is readable in bright sunlight, making it ideal for use outdoors, for example, on a construction site. It is incredibly light and thin, the dimensions are 666.6 x 891.3 x 14.5 mm, the weight is 5.9 kg.

When drawing there are numerous colors that can be used with the accompanied stylus. Although this is whiteboard is a black and white e-paper display, everyone else on full color devices will see it. The colors include black, red, blue, and green and there are highlighters that can be used, the colors for these are yellow, cyan, and magenta.

This device has a lot of really positive things going for it. There is a Text conversion / predictive conversion by handwriting recognition technology. It can be connected to 10 PCS, smartphones or tablets via WIFI. So everyone can see what is being written on the screen, at the same time. In addition to writing on a blank page, you can upload PDF files and write on them. The edited PDF file then can be saved and stored via cloud services or offloaded to a  PC via the USB-C port.  In addition to support for documents, pictures can also be loaded on it in JPEG and PNG. There is a 14,800-mAh battery that will power the device for around 10 hours, so you basically always want to have it plugged in and can be attached to a wall in portrait or landscape mode with a mount.

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