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Wacom Titatium Replacement Nibs

Wacom Titatium Replacement Nibs

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When it comes to pen nibs, the variety is fairly small. Plastic nibs are the most prevalent, and they do not provide the best drawing experience. Felt nibs are better, since they have more torque. There is a new nib in town, made of titanium.

A titanium nib does not wear down and never needs replacing. It is compatible with almost all WACOM pens on the market, from such brands as Remarkable, Amazon, Onyx Boox, iReader, Onyx Boox, Lenovo, Huawei, and many others. You simply just need to buy this nib and use your nib removal tool to take your old one out and put this one into the stylus you already own.

The titanium nib is ideally compatible with e-notes that have a flush screen and bezel, with a layer of glass. The nib will not scratch the glass, however if you have an older device with a sunken screen and bezel, with exposed e-paper, please don't press super hard, or you might damage the screen.

When you buy these nibs, you get a pack of 2.

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