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Bigme InkNote Color+ with Kaleido 3

Bigme InkNote Color+ with Kaleido 3

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The Bigme InkNote Color might be the best e-note of the year. It has things that nothing else on the market brings to the table. One of the major selling points are the dual camera system with OCR functionality. You can take a picture of some documents, textbooks, schematics and it will convert it to editable text, which you can make annointatins in 16 different colors,  and then save the document and export it to your PC or cloud storage. Even if you take a picture on an angle, the software will fix that and give you a proper document. It also has faster hardware and more robust software than anything on the market, whether it has a colour screen or black and white.

The Bigme InkNote Color features an E INK Carta HD e-paper display with a resolution of 1872×1404 with 300 PPI. The Color panel is using E INK Kaleido 3 and has a resolution of 1240 with 930 with 150 PPI and will be able to display over 5,000 different color combinations. Bigme has developed accumulated color optimization processing technology to display a wider gamut.  One of the benefits of Kaleido Plus is how the greyscale uniformity has been drastically improved from the first generation screen tech, so the background will always be grey, instead of colors trying to mix together to create grey.

You will be able to use the InkNote Color in dark rooms or lowlight conditions, thanks to the front-lit display, which has 36 white and amber LED lights, giving you the ability to mix white and a warm candlelight effect. The vast majority of other e-notes on the market, such as the Remarkable or Supernote do not even have a front-lit display and other companies such as Boyue, iFlytek, Onyx and others don’t have as many lights as we provide. Having a WACOM screen is critical for the success of an e-note. No matter how good the stylus that ships with the unit is, users want to either use their own or buy an alternative one, such as the X-Pen 3rd Generation or the Lamy Al-Star. The pen we built is unique to the InkNote Color and is not used on any other Bigme device. It can charge the internal battery by attaching itself to the side. It can also connect via Bluetooth, so you can turn pages of a PDF or ebook with just the click of a button, you no longer have to swipe, tap or gesture on the touchscreen to do this. It has 4096 degrees of pressure sensativity and it is voice controlled.

Underneath the hood is a A53 2.3 GHZ octa-core processor, 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. If this storage is not enough, for whatever reason, it has an SD card, capable of an additional 128GB of storage. There is WIFI available to connect up to the internet and fetch firmware updates, which you should do right away. There are four noise cancelling mics on the bottom of the tablet, which is used for voice dictation, such as voice to text in the note taking app. The speech recognition is compatible with over 31 languages with 98% accuracy. You can also use the microphones for apps such as WhatsApp, Discord or WeChat. You can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, music or anything else via the dual stereo speakers. It also has Bluetooth 5.0 for optional wireless headphones or earbuds. There is an 8MP rear camera, and a 5MP front-facing camera. You can take advantage of the fingerprint sensor to unlock your device and set a pass-code for more security. The battery is 4,000 mAh, which should be good for a couple of weeks. You can charge it via the USB-C port. The dimensions are 225.8×191.3×6.7mm and weighs 477 g.

The InkNote Color is running Google Android 11 and ships with Google Play preinstalled. This will give users the ability to download and purchase millions of apps. This means you won’t have to worry about sideloading anything,  you can do whatever you want. There are four different speed modes which give  you increased performance to take advantage of photos to text, surf the web or watch videos.


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