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BIGME EMR Stylus Pen

BIGME EMR Stylus Pen

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This is the EMR Stylus that came with the Bigme B1 Pro and B1 Color. This pen is compatible with virtually any existing e-note on the market, such as the Fujitsu Quaderno second generation, Remarkable 2, Supernote A5X/A6X and most modern models from Onyx Boox. If you have a question about your specific model, be sure to ask us on our contact form.

The pen has 4,096 degrees of pressure sensitivity, which means the lighter or harder you press, the thicker/thinner the lines will become. Many pens for Wacom screens are battery free, but not the Bigme one. The top of the pen is removable, with a USB port, you can connect up a USB cable to your MAC/PC and charge it. The cap is magnetic, so it is easy to remove. The design of the pen is grey, it has a power button to turn on or off, helps conserve battery life. It also has a back, forward and eraser button on the sides. I think the stylus has a very interesting design.

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