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Good e-Raser - EMR Digital Eraser

Good e-Raser - EMR Digital Eraser

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The Good e-Rraser is a brand new product that will work with most EMR compatible screens.

  • Never needs charging
  • Never needs replacing
  • No Batteries
  • It won’t scratch your screen
  • Works on everything*


Introducing the Good e-Raser, the first dedicated EMR Eraser for E INK screens. Most styluses that you purchase or get for free when you buy a digital note taking device (e-note) only comes with a stylus, and normally it does not have an eraser button. Premium stylus with erasers on top of them often cost more than $100. This is why you can save money, buying the battery-free Good E-Raser.

There are tons of stylus on the market that do not have a eraser button. This includes the the Supernote Standard, the Heart of Metal line, Staedtler Classic, Mitsubishi, Remarkable, Remarkable Marker Signature,  Onyx Boox Note Air, Xiaomi  and the iReader X-Pen. If you want to erase something on your screen, you need to select the eraser function in the drawing app and then press hard on your stylus to erase something. Normally this process wears down your nibs faster, so you will have to spend even more money investing in replacement nibs.  Whereas the Good e-Raser never wears down and never needs to be placed, it is one time purchase.

The Good e-Raser works on many of the world's most popular e-notes. This includes the Onyx Boox, Supernote, Boyue Likebook, Xiaomi, Remarkable, King Jim, iFlytek, iReader, Good e-Reader, Mooink and many others. It does not work the Sony Digital Paper, Quirk Logic Papyr or Fujitsu Quaderno.

This product is made out of PVC and an all-aluminum body. The dimensions are 2.5x0.5 inches or 65x15mm and it weighs 11g (0.4 OZ)

If you are unsure if the Good e-Raser is compatible with your device, please send us an email, using our contact form.

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