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GVIDO Digital Music Score - Dual Screen E INK

GVIDO Digital Music Score - Dual Screen E INK

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■ Display (2 screens): “Mobius” 13.3 type flexible electronic paper “Carta e-paper technology”
■ Pen input (2 screens): Electromagnetic dielectric method
■ Touch switch: Infrared touch switch
■ Built-in memory capacity: 8GB
■ Interface: microSD Memory card, micro USB terminal
■ Score storage format: PDF data * Writing with a dedicated pen and bookmarks can also be saved
■ Size: Width 482 x Height 310 x Thickness 6 (mm)
■ Weight: Approximately 660 g

The GVIDO features two 13.3-inch Mobius screens that are grafted together by a proprietary hinge that allows the device to open and close like a real book. Each screen features a resolution of 1200 x 1600 and there is a WACOM layer, which means you can take notes or edit sheet music with an accompanied stylus.

There is 8GB of internal memory to store all of your files and it has an SD card, which means you can expand it, further up to 32 GB. You can connect up to the internet via WIFI and download sheet music from the new GVIDO music store that is opening in the next few weeks. One of the most compelling aspects is that it supports Bluetooth, which means you can hook up foot pedals. GVIDO actually has developed their own foot pedal that will turn the pages forward or backwards and can connect up to the sheet music reader via Bluetooth or a USB to Micro USB cable. This is useful because if you are a musician in a crowded orchestra and there are hundreds of active Bluetooth connections, it is great to have the option to go wired.

In addition, since you can write multiple notes on one score using the attached pen, you can use it properly for each conductor, instructor, concert, etc. You can save the writing in the GVIDO service and share it with the group. I can do it. You can interpret the score and communicate with each other at the same time or even if you are far away.

As for the score, you can store the score released by various publishers of the GVIDO store or the self-made score in PDF format that you already have in the main unit, SD card, or storage on the GVIDO service. You can manage a large number of scores, and if you create a set list for each concert, you can play with dozens of scores without having to carry or replace them.

Since the page progression of the score can be set according to the purpose, it is possible to change the page structure depending on the playing time, etc., or to move multiple pages with ellipsis.

■ Reproduces the best visibility for playing
Flexible electronic paper is used. You can enjoy more seamless performance than ever with two dynamic screens that are almost the same size and texture as paper sheet music.

■ In addition to the touch switch that allows you to turn pages as you wish without stress, the separately sold foot switch has realized operability that allows you to turn pages without using your hands.

■ Save and share essential writing for performances. Writing and erasing on two screens is possible with the included stylus pen. You can save up to 100 layers and share them with the GVIDO service.

■ You can easily carry a huge amount of music and save 4,000 files in the content memory, and manage it with a set list. You can also purchase electronic sheet music optimized for your device through the "GVIDO Store" service.

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