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iReader Color 7 e-reader

iReader Color 7 e-reader

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iReader has just released its first colour e-reader of 2023, and this device should be tremendously relevant in 2024. This 7-inch ebook reader employs the latest generation colour e-paper, Kaleido 3. It has physical page-turn buttons to quickly flip pages of comics, books, manga and PDF files. There is no note-taking functionality. It is available in English, so this will suit most people in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

The iReader Color 7 features an E INK Carta 1200 e-paper display panel with a resolution of 1680x1264 with 300 PPI with black and white text. The Kaleido 3 colour e-paper panel is 150 PPI and will be able to display 4096 different colour combinations. This is the first colour ebook reader that is 7 inches in size, which makes it stand out in the crowd. The colour scheme is piano black on the front and back platting. Two physical page-turn buttons are similar in design to the Kindle Oasis.

Underneath the hood is a quad-core 2.0 GHz processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. An SD card is needed to enhance the storage further. Bluetooth 5.0 is available for Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to listen to audiobooks, podcasts or music. It has a g-sensor to change the rotation of the device automatically. WIFI can connect to the internet. A USB-C port is available for transferring data and charging. Dual Microphones will let you do audio dictation. It is powered by an 1800 mAh battery, has dimensions of 154.2x136x7.8mm, and weighs 182g.

This e-reader reads in multiple formats, which is ideal for sideloading. It supports TXT, EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, PDF and many Chinese formats.

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