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Radiant EAZEYE Transflective Monitor

Radiant EAZEYE Transflective Monitor

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The Eazeye Radiant is one exquisitely crafted piece that exudes its radiance. Crafted out of aluminum, it has a brushed finish and sports a shade of rose gold or maybe even a tinge of copper. It also sports an asymmetrical build where the bottom portion is thicker than the rest of the body. This makes it bottom-heavy and provides a more planted feel, something that’s nice given its intended use as a monitor and is meant to be placed on a surface in landscape mode.

The bottom thicker portion is also where the ports are located. On the left lies a pair of USB-C ports and a mini-HDMI port, while on the right lies the Settings button, the Setting navigation push slider, and the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Fit and finish are notch and feel pleasant to hold and operate even though, as already stated, it is a monitor, not a tablet, and is hence not meant for personal use. You don’t hold and operate a monitor like a tablet.

At the rear lies a pair of speakers, while there also are a pair of screw ports that serves as the contact point for attaching the monitor to the hosting hardware. Overall, it’s an excellent, clean, simple, yet elegant design. Included in the package is the mounting base, which is exceptionally sturdy, well-built, and confidence-inspiring.

The display

As stated before, it’s a TLCD display at work, comprising an LCD and a semi-reflective mirror. With TLCD, the transflective layer and a two-way mirror behind the display allow the backlight to pass through when needed. That is not all; the display is designed to offer a fuller spectrum of light than traditional computer monitors. The makers claim this should allow for a more comprehensive viewing experience than Regular monitor screens.

It otherwise is a 15.6-inch display that you have, one with the standard 60 Hz refresh rate and 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Also, it has a touchscreen display that further adds to the user’s convenience. You can control the display via touch inputs, which extends to the smartphone, tablet, or PC to which the monitor might be connected. So, any change made to the monitor gets reflected on the connected device, and vice versa.

Daytime visibility is excellent, even in direct sunlight. You can turn the backlight off during the daytime, saving 75 percent on electricity compared to traditional LCD. Turn the backlight on at night, and you can work on the Radiant monitor without depending on an external light source. That is where the transflective nature of the display comes into force and is akin to the front-light e-paper display we have in e-readers or e-note devices.

Other controls you have include contrast and the ability to change the colour balance. You can also change the degrees of Kelvin, with the ability to select 6300 or 9300, depending on the warmth you need. There is also the option to choose between DCR and HDR, while other settings available include Free Sync and Reset.


Nothing will let you want more on the performance front. The monitor efficiently depicts everything on the connected device with no lag whatsoever. It must be remembered that the monitor does not come with any OS of its own. It does not even have a power slot. Instead, it derives its juice via the USB-C port connected to the mains via an adapter similar to what it is with smartphones or a tablet. Or, it can just use the battery power of the connected device for its operation.

Also, given that it is an LCD at the core and not an e-paper, you have none of the disadvantages of an e-paper display. With a 60 Hz page refresh rate, there is no lag whatsoever. Pinch, zoom, or turn a new page, watch videos, or even play games; it happens instantly. Colour is also markedly better on the TLCD than the best colour e-paper displays currently available.

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