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Reading Light for Supernote, Remarkable 2, Quaderno – Warm and Cool Lighting

Reading Light for Supernote, Remarkable 2, Quaderno – Warm and Cool Lighting

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Amber Reading Light

Horizontal ET Head Reading Light

Pocket size happiness

Introducing a rechargeable LED clip light that illuminates a wider illumination area while being lighter.The 3 buttons on the light body make it look like the ET’s face, so it was named as a horizontal ET head reading light.It offers a wide range of light that is clear and gentle on your eyes, and is small and light at just 1.4 oz (40 g), making it convenient to carry wherever you go. Great for reading at night or reading on a business trip, traveling or camping trip. Also recommended as a night bed light, music stand light, or as a handy light for your PC.

  • ✔ Unique horizontal ET head, get more lighting area
  • ✔ 3 Tone Colors & 5 Brightness Levels
  • ✔80 hours of working time (dim brightness mode)
  • ✔ Lightweight at only 40g and easy to carry
  • ✔ 1800K amber mode for your eyes
  • ✔ High Color Rendering (CRI>95) for realistic colors
  • ✔ Flexible gooseneck with 360° rotation

Amber Book Light for Eye Protection

Eye Caring Blue Light Cut Reading Light Book Light

Wider lighting area & better color rendering

High Color Render, Wide Lighting Range, Clip Reading Light, Rechargeable.

Easy to use clip light led reading light

Detailed Design & Function

Rechargeable LED Clip Reading Light Reading Light

Sleep Safe Reading Light

Compact Mini Reading Light 360° Rotating Mini Reading Light

USB Rechargeable & Comfortable to Hold

●USB-C rechargeable clip light, faster and safer

● Fully charged in 1.5-2 hours and can be read for 8-80 hours.If you want to read 30 minutes every day, it will last 2 weeks or more.

30 minute auto-off timer

With a 30-minute auto off timer function, the reading light will automatically turn off after 30 minutes, so you can sleep while reading.

Activate Timer Mode: Press and hold the power button to switch to timer mode until the green light is on.

●Timer Mode Off: Long press again to turn off the timer mode.

Small, Lightweight & Portable

Only 1.4 oz (40 g), lighter than 1 egg.

Compact design takes up little space.

The foldable gooseneck makes it easy to store in your pocket.

Multi-Purpose Reading Light Book Light Clip Stand Dual Video Conference Light Separate Reading

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